Paul Marnef, photographer - visiual artist. Tiny planets images and 360 photo projects.
Fine Art photography - Portraits


A Visual Journey: Paul Marnef's Exhibitions Across Belgium and Europe.

Hello everyone! I'm Paul Marnef, a Belgian photographic artist specialising in visual art, and more specifically in the creation of 'tiny planets' photos. Through my work, I invite viewers into a dreamlike world where imagination and reality meet and mingle, creating a symphony of colours, textures and new perspectives.


Breathe - Limited Edition 8 + 3 A.P. on Chromaluxe 80x80 cm, 100x100 cm ou 120x120 cm


Jonathan - Limited Edition 8 + 3 A.P. on Chromaluxe 80x80 cm, 100x100 cm ou 120x120 cm


I have had the honour and pleasure of taking part in numerous exhibitions both in Belgium and abroad, sharing my passion and my work with a diverse international audience. Each exhibition has been an unforgettable experience, giving me the opportunity to meet other art lovers, exchange ideas and immerse myself in different artistic cultures.


Here are some of the exhibitions I've had the pleasure of taking part in:

• Exhibition Nitra Gallery : April, May, June 2024 in Knokke
• Exhibition Art3f : March 2024 in Toulouse
• Exhibition Art3f : February 2024 in Strassbourg
• Exhibition Art3f : January 2024 in Paris
• Exhibition 57th Fêtes de la Saint-Martin : November 2023 in Beauvechain
• Parcours d’artistes ProfondsArt Limal : September – octobre 2023
• Exhibition Art3f : September 2023 in Paris
• Exhibition Art3f : September 2023 in Luxembourg
• Exhibition  Parcours d’artistes BL’A : June 2023 in Braine-L’Alleud
• Exhibition The New Artists : June 2023 in Liège
• Exhibition 2ème Rencontre des artistes : April 2023 inChaumont-Gistoux
• Exhibition Art’is Big : January 2023 in Waterloo
• Exhibition Fêtes de la Saint-Martin : November 2022 in Nodebais
• Exhibition Affordable Art Fair : March 2018 in Brussels
• Exhibition Affordable Art Fair : February 2016 in Brussels
• Exhibition Affordable Art Fair : October 2015 in Stockholm


My artistic approach as a photographer is based on the exploration and transformation of reality, on the continual search for new ways of perceiving and representing the world around us. The creation of each 'tiny planet' is a detailed and meticulous process, combining photographic technique and artistic vision to create unique and captivating works.


Each exhibition has been a source of inspiration and learning, enriching my practice and pushing me to push back the boundaries of my art. The encounters, discussions and exchanges at these events have enabled me to grow as an artist, refine my techniques and strengthen my artistic vision.


My artistic career is a constant journey, full of discovery, experience and reflection. Participating in international exhibitions has given me the chance to share my passion and vision with the world, to learn and to contribute to the global dialogue on art and photography. I'm grateful for every opportunity and every encounter, and I can't wait to see where this journey takes me next.

Thank you to everyone who has taken part in this journey with me, and stay tuned for future exhibitions and new work!

Contact me to find out where I'll be exhibiting soon!

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The Lonely Tree Revisited - Limited Edition 8 + 3 A.P. on Chromaluxe 80x80 cm, 100x100 cm ou 120x120 cm


Lotus - Limited Edition 8 + 3 A.P. on Chromaluxe 80x80 cm, 100x100 cm ou 120x120 cm

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